Green Economy Initiative - "Bio-Mass is an interesting and viable alternative for the global energy market. Well done!"
- Major Chai

"I thank the committee who have initiated the Green Economy Initiative. Not only they shared their insights of the available investment which promises high yields but also making a difference to the environment. As global warming is becoming a growing concern around the globe, companies cannot deny the fact that they have to limit their carbon emission.As a student who has been researching on going green, this forum educates not just the importance of going green but also becoming an investor in the projects. This committee not only have the brains but the resources and action to select the best for their audience. If you are reading this, I believe you are either looking for a good investment or you want to know more about the green projects. I strongly suggest you to attend the forum available in the future and keep an open mind. You will sure learn something from the forum itself."
- Vincent Lim, SAF

Investments Overview - "Thanks for the insightful course I came with an open but tired mind, but came away deepening my knowledge in investments. I need to focus some time on my personal investments to build up my personal nest egg too!"
- Andre Lee, Management Consultant

Investments Overview - "I wanted to thank you for inviting me to your meeting on Saturday. Very informative and good to spend time with a quality group."
- Eric Reisner, Entrepreneur

Build Your Massive Income - "Martin & I have the same view on many aspects. The knowledge shared by Martin was a life changing one for me. This system taught is equally essential for both your professional and personal life. I recommend this to ALL budding people who want a change in their lives!"
- Praveen Kumar, Senior IT Data Analyst

Investments Overview - "Thanks for the opportunity Martin, and in regarding to yesterday's presentation. I have never heard about investing in projects but only investing in companies who have IPO.
I have attended the course on value investing by some other Trainers.
They talked a lot about Warren Buffet investing style and about intrinsic value etc...
all are very technical stuff...
but yours seemed kinda "no brainier" kind of investing because you guys did all the research and form a team together to analyze the investments etc...
Thank you for opening this opportunity up... Thank you Martin!

- Ben Gay, MD Astro Parking


Brand Ambassador program - "A great way for you to gain some marketing experience while helping people in your network get some great deals and you make money at the same time!! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!"
- B. Daniel, Student

Management Trainee & Mentoring - "This may be one of the toughest and the most beneficial programme which I have ever went through.
I had this great opportunity to be mentored by Martin, a long-time friend, an entrepreneur and a serious businessman. You can be assured that you will definitely be a totally upgraded person after this programme.
I was able to, or to put it more specifically, have to break out of my comfort zone and do things which I previously had no idea I was capable of doing, e.g. making cold calls and approaching strangers, organizing seminars and doing business negotiations.
Martin is very capable of drawing out the best in you, and he is always full of energy. He sees your strengths and advises on how to capitalise them; your weaknesses and how to overcome them. And yes, he is also very in your face, he can go from your best mentor to Simon Cowell in a heartbeat, but he always means well. Just be humble and learn from the episode.
Previously, I was easily distracted and liked to procrastinate a lot; and now I am able to better focus on the tasks on hand, analyse business opportunities, and follow through on the plans I have set for myself.
If you want to overcome your fears ie. For me, calling and speaking to strangers;
If you truly want to learn the ways of an Entrepreneur;
If you want improve your money management skills;
If you want to learn how to run business;
then this is definitely THE programme you will want to embark on. This beats All the motivational or entrepreneurship programmes out there where they promised a lot but gave little after-programme support;
Martin will go out of his way to make sure you succeed in this programme.
But he can only show you the door, you have to walk through it yourself, the key focus is still on you: Your desire to be the master of your destiny.

Thank you for the opportunity Martin!"
- Derrick Loo, Business Developer