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Green Investments Forum was formed to uncover and invest in businesses that helps our environment, serves societal needs and still makes a sustainable and lucrative profit for Investors.

This is our planet and we ALL have a role to play. Help us help our planet! Put the word out about Us & what we are doing and get rewarded doing so! It's that simple!

The Brand Ambassador program is an ongoing marketing campaign, which can be:
  • either Hands-on (ie. Self-managed)
    - We will train you on branding and managing a marketing campaign either through Front-line or Web-based (or both) mediums,
  • or Outsourced
    - Representation on Web-based mediums only.
Kindly contact us for further details.

Who should apply?
  • If you have a healthy, fun, vibrant, sunny, energetic, youthful disposition,
  • If you have a magnetic appeal and people are naturally drawn to you,
  • If you have a good sphere of influence,
  • If you are female between 18-30yrs old.
You might be interested to be our Brand Ambassador..

  • HIGH Income + own an Investment portfolio for FREE to become Financially FREE!
  • Minimum effort.
  • Helps raise your portfolio/ status/ resume.
  • Can be complimentary to current job or does not affect current job.
  • Training provided.
  • FREE.. While it lasts!
Be Cool!! It's for a good cause!!
&.. Start taking care of yourself financially today!!

Be OUR Brand Ambassador Today!

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Interested participants please send your details to, indicating the following:
01. Earliest Date of Availability
02. Recent photograph

Regrettably, only selected participants will be notified.

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