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We would best describe the Internship as Entre-ployment, whereas for the interested incumbent, he or she can go through the 3-6months Internship as a Management Trainee and subsequently go through our Mentoring program (Find out more...), vice versa. (Applicants may have to skip a semester.) Those who are interested &/or suitable may then be integrated for future prospect/s.

For the aspiring Entrepreneurs, this is an excellent opportunity to:
- get a taste of life as an Entrepreneur,
- go hands-on to handle running a business and its end-to-end business processes,
- and get coached by Industry professionals.

For successful applicants, it will be an exciting opportunity to gain exposure from various industries and tap into knowledge which most fresh graduates probably will not access for the early 10-15years of their career, not to mention the wealth of working experience and network.

They will be groomed to be hands-on, oversee, analyse, optimise and expand (but not restricted to) the following areas:
- Business Development, Sales, Operations, IT, Marketing & Advertising, Events, Admin & HR, etc.
- And transition towards leading a team.

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Who should apply?
Creative and Dynamic individuals
- who want to hone their Leadership skills, Business &/or Entrepreneurs acumen.
- who want to start their own business. (This is THE opportunity to train and fast-track your understanding and exposure.)

People who exude the following qualities -
01. Doesn’t view work as ‘work’, instead wakes up everyday full of positivity, energy, creativity and flair for innovation. With great interest and ideas, daily, seeks to be a difference maker and better societal advancement. If you have a burning desire/ idea/s to get out, look no further, there’s an avenue to channel that through us.

02. Seeks and sees it as fun to be creative/ innovative whilst doing so. Has that extra zest and passion for life!

03. Can handle a vibrant, dynamic and interactive learning experience that will change/challenge your outlooks on life/work/business totally!

04. Willingness to learn and try innovative business approach.

05. Brings fresh and new ideas to the table, and dares to be heard!

06. Self-starter. Someone who has that entrepreneurial spirit, craves more out of work and has the gumption to see things through. In fact, apply only if you have a burning desire that tells you "I want to be a Millionaire & I am willing to go all out to get it."

07. Willing to put focus on long-term objectives and interest rather than being short-term focused.

08. People who are interested/ willing to go the extra mile and make a financial difference in their life/ and others lives.

09. Highly self-motivated and result-oriented. Must possess that “never-say-die” / gung-ho attitude.

10. High level of enthusiasm, full of passion about building new relationships in the field.

11. Ability to be efficient and flexible in a dynamic environment.

12. Ability to function effectively both independently and as a team-player

13. All-rounder. From being Meticulous, Organized, Detail-orientated, to being able to multi-task, and be Creative, be an Original thinker, be an Out-of-the-box thinker, Open to new ideas and concepts to achieving results, & able to adapt and change strategies very quickly to achieve intended results.

14. Takes pride in their work/ achievements.

15. People’s person. Outgoing personality, Well like-able with lots of positive energy and disposition

16. Excellent communication skills on all levels, listening, understanding, spoken and written. ie. English and a 2nd language

- People with relevant interest/ working experience may apply.
- Diploma & Degree holders

01. Prior experience in sales, canvassing, cold-calling and tele-marketing with proven track record is not a requirement but an onus.

02. Personnel from the following environments: Tele-sales in Financial institutions, Financial advisers, Wealth managers, Insurance agents, Mortgage brokers, Property agents would be advantageous

03. Education, working experience or background in Marketing is an onus.

04. A natural or trainable creative, dynamic or fast-thinking mind.

Interested applicants please send your detailed resume to info@greeninvestmentsforum.com, indicating the following:
01. Earliest Date of Availability
02. Recent photograph

Regrettably, only shortlisted applicants will be notified.

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