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We would best describe the Mentorship as Entre-ployment, whereas for the interested incumbent, he or she can go through
our Mentoring program
and subsequently go through our 3-6months Internship program as a Management Trainee (Find out more...), vice versa. Those who are interested &/or suitable may then be integrated for future prospect/s.

For the aspiring Entrepreneurs, this is an excellent opportunity to:
- get a taste of life as an Entrepreneur,
- go hands-on to handle running a business and its end-to-end business processes,
- and get coached by Industry professionals.

For selected participants only!
- Especially for fresh/ under-grads, this is an exciting opportunity to gain exposure from various industries and tap into knowledge you probably will not access for the early 10-15years of your career, not to mention the wealth of working experience and network.

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- Instead of paying for coaching, we will match Mentorship with real-life working experience and environment. Join our Mentoring program,

We will:
  • help you realise the 4SAs Self-A........ then Self-A......... then Self-A........ and finally Self-A......... for your mind to become a POWERFUL vehicle for SUCCESS.
  • FOCUS and DEVELOP your leadership and business acumen SKILLS.
  • expose you to INSIGHTS from working veterans with combined years of exceeding 50yrs of HANDS-ON experience.
  • get you tapped into the minds of how SUCCESSful business people THINK and EXECUTE.
  • guide you and help you ACHIEVE BREAKTHROUGH in your thought and decision making process. Thus, preparing you for the working environment and real world.

You get to:
  • be mentored by Seniors who can IMPART to you hard WISDOM not found in books.
  • be exposed to our ground-breaking Pro Eco-/Socio-/Econs business model which is UNIQUE only to us! 
  • be part of a 'LIVE' working environment where you get to EXPERIENCE the business cycle and process.
  • not only be coached but get to FUNCTION and GROW as a Businessperson!
We offer all these and MORE... Definitely an experience not to be missed!

Towards the end of your program, we will certify your participation. You may want to use this to apply for Internship extension with your respective schools. For the exceptional ones, we will even be your reference when you are applying for a job.

While others have to pay EXORBITANT SUMS for coaching, this is FREE for the selected few! We want this to be an interactive learning session that would enrich your life and at the same time you would have, in some way or form, helped to SAVE OUR PLANET!

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Wait...There's MORE!!

For the participants you will get...not 1-month...not 1-year...not 10-years... but
LIFE-TIME of mentoring. At any point in time down the road, when you need work/business/professional advise, we will only be a phone call away.

Who should apply?
People who exemplify or wants to exemplify the following qualities. (Click here.)

Interested participants please send your detailed resume to info@greeninvestmentsforum.com, indicating the following:
1. Earliest Date of Availability
2. Recent photograph

Regrettably, only selected participants will be notified.

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