Build Your Ever-growing
Massive | Passive | 2nd
Income Stream Today!

After beta and hands-on testing for the past 3 years, we have created infrastructures that allow us
to build passive income. We are currently expanding and can impart these strategies which, ANYONE can use to derive: HIGH Income + Invest for FREE!

  1. How ANYONE can build this income stream with us today and become financially free.
  2. Regardless of being a novice or seasoned investor, why EVERYONE really should!
  3. How you can apply the skills you have learn here to MULTIPLE Business environments and achieve success!
  4. Money & Opportunities are all around you, learn how to SEE & CAPITALIZE on them.
  5. Convert already existing platforms and networks into $$$ in your pockets!
This program WILL CHANGE your outlook on life, business or job and the way you function PERMANENTLY!

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  1. Singaporeans, PR, People here on various long-term pass, or People intending to franchise our product to another chapter/country.
  2. Personnel from the following environments: Tele-sales in Financial institutions, Financial advisers, Wealth managers, Insurance agents, Mortgage brokers, Property agents, Land bankers, Credit card promoters can find out how they can tap on new potentials with their portfolios. Or how we can be complimentary to your existing scope of work.
  3. People considering joining the above mentioned positions might want to find out why working with us is more financially rewarding.
  4. People seeking:
    - To expand their portfolio to generate aggressive income

    - To become active investors

    - Part-time positions, second income stream, to build your passive income portfolio

    - Free and easy work schedules, flexible work schedules &/ or to manage their own time, Home-based jobs

* Brand Ambassadors, Models & Road show promoters seeking to build their portfolio - We want to explore synergies and out-of-the-box approach that would be mutually beneficial.

IMMEDIATE GAINS (Upon attending):
  1. FREE Basic Mindset Adjustment
    - How to excel at anything that you are doing
    - How to get more income
    - How to get HIGH Income + Invest for FREE

  2. FREE Market Outlook & Overview
    - How to spot Sun-rise industries.

  3. FREE Full E-Suites comprising of:
    Green Investments Forum - Green Investments Guide (Worth US$97)

    Business Investors Group - Comprehensive Business Guide including modules on
        - Promotions, Leads & Sales
        - Market Assessment

        - Marketing Collateral

        - Marketing Plan

        - Digital Marketing

        - Public Relations & Advertising

        - Branding
    by SPRING Singapore & Marketing Institute of Singapore.
    iii. Property Investors Club - Residential Real Estate Evaluator & Upgrade Kit (Savings of exceeding $100K!)
    Equities Investors Network - LIVE Position Updates
    Think & Grow Rich E-book by Napoleon Hill
    vi. Investment Updates from Martin Sim

Kindly RSVP via SMS to +65 9008 6903, Email info@greeninvestmentsforum.com or the link below with the following info:
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& we will follow-up with you shortly!

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