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Green Economy Initiative is a platform to address Eco-/Socio- challenges our planet and society currently faces through Economically sustainable solutions.
In the world we live in today, it is ever pressing to look into Environmental issues. & We all have a role to play!
  • Learn how we can help the world we live in and make money while doing so.
  • Learn how to identify opportunities in this sector.

Green Economy Initiative is divided into:
Educational Lecture
  • Understanding Green Economy, Businesses & Investments
  • Why NOW is very important time to look into this segment?
  • How & Why Eco-recovery can match Social Responsibility can match Economic advancements & Investors' interest?
  • How to select investments in these industries?

Investments Overview - How to select & qualify Investments
  • How to use a SIMPLE 7-step process to sieve out good quality investments
  • How we use the same process to invest SUCCESSFULLY!
  • Why the same process is used by PROFESSIONAL & AFFLUENT Investors
After going through Investments Overview, we guarantee your PARADIGMS on looking at investments WILL SHIFT!

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3. Showcase selected projects that fits our investments mandate
  • Green Investments 6 Selection Rules
  • Investments Overview 7 Criterion

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