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This is our weekly gathering where our Speakers will be actively exchanging on various investments, updating on current events and insights to their respective industries. With our continually successful events, you are cordially welcomed to attend this gathering to get updates and better understanding of Green Economy, Business and Investments.

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IMMEDIATE GAINS (Upon attending):
  1. FREE Investments Overview
    - Basic Investments Portfolio Management

    - Market Outlook

  2. FREE Green Economy Updates
    - What is Green Economy?
    - Why WE are investing in Green & Social investments?
    - Why NOW is THE TIME to look at these areas?

  3. FREE Full E-Suites comprising of:
    i. Green Investments Forum - Green Investments Guide (Worth US$97)
    ii. Business Investors Group - Comprehensive Business Guide including modules on
        - Promotions, Leads & Sales
        - Market Assessment
        - Marketing Collateral
        - Marketing Plan
        - Digital Marketing
        - Public Relations & Advertising
        - Branding
    by SPRING Singapore & Marketing Institute of Singapore.
    iii. Property Investors Club - Residential Real Estate Evaluator & Upgrade Kit (Savings of exceeding $100K!)
    Equities Investors Network - LIVE Position Updates
    Think & Grow Rich E-book by Napoleon Hill
    vi. Investment Updates from Martin Sim
& to create even more synergy, in collaboration with Business Investors Group, we have arrange for this gathering to be a networking and sharing session for all participants as well. Interested parties will be allocated the time to pitch on their area of interest to all in attendance. Kindly note, depending on location, an entrance charge or buying-your-own-drink/s will be mandatory to participate. (We do not up-sell networking membership fees subsequently. Weekly networking will be based on cover charge/s whereas applicable only.)

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Kindly RSVP via SMS to +65 9008 6903, Email info@greeninvestmentsforum.com or the link below
with the following info:
  <GESD><Name><Date><Mobile><Email><No. of Seats>

& we will follow-up with you shortly!

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