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  & Investments Overview

1. Green Economy Initiative is our monthly program for paid participants to understand how Eco-/Socio- issues can be addressed through Economically sustainable solutions. In the world we live in today, it is ever pressing to look into Environmental issues. We all have a role to play. Now is THE lucrative TIME to do so!

2. & through
Investments Overview, we break down and analyse how to qualify and select investments, and how we use our tried and proven methods of investing ourselves. (Find out more...)


  & Business Networking
FREE Green Economy Speakers' Discussion. This is our weekly gathering where our Speakers will be actively exchanging on various investments, updating on current events and insights to their respective industries.

New participants interested, are welcomed to listen in to get a better understanding on what green investments is all about.
(Find out more...)

Do you want to look at investments but don't know how or where to start?

If you are interested to learn more, let us analyse with you which level of investing you are at and share with you how, as a novice or seasoned investor, you can derive HIGH Income + Invest for FREE! (Find out

Join us for a FREE Presentation today!


Leadership | Business | Entrepreneur
For selected participants only, you get to:
  • be mentored by Seniors who can impart to you hard wisdom not found in books.
  • be exposed to our ground-breaking Pro Eco-/Socio-/Econs business model which is unique only to us! 
  • be part of a 'LIVE' working environment where you get to experience the business cycle and process. 
  • not only be coached but get to function and grow as a Businessperson!
We offer all these and MORE.... Definitely an experience not to be missed! (Find out more...)

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