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Our Focus

Green Investments Forum focuses on two specific market sectors (agricultural and renewable commodities) as they provide fundamental growth opportunities in the long term: need for cleaner energy and the need to satisfy growing demand for agricultural commodities and food products.

The state of the agricultural commodity markets remain strong due to compelling industry fundamentals: increasing world population has surged demand for food security and agricultural activities. In spite of the recent economic crisis, the agricultural sector has shown remarkable resilience, with strong supply response to recent high prices and continuing demand growth (ie. rising food consumption in developing countries). International commodity prices are anticipated to be higher in the next decade, this has led to increasing emergence of non-traditional participants from other non-related industries into agricultural investments.

The market for renewable energy projects is relatively young and dynamic. It is characterized by new entrants, strategic positioning by large utilities, consolidation and increasing M&A activity, Traditionally, the Develop-Build-Own-Operate model was applied by many project developers. Nowadays, we see a trend towards a more segmented approach throughout the stages of a successful project. In this segmented model, during each stage, the appropriate party runs the project, while different investors focus on specific stages in the development cycle and specific sub-sectors in the renewable energy market: solar, wind, biomass, hydro, waste-to-energy and other sub-sectors.

Green Investments Forum work along side well-established players in these sectors to achieve optimum results for our investors.