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You may have arrived on this site asking yourself…What are Green Investments?
Renewable energy sources? Sustainable forestry? or a fast emerging Carbon Trading Market?

Do environmental & social issues concern you? Is there a lingering concern about the world and the environment we are handing our future generations? Do you want to play a part in helping the world but are already bogged down with life and work?

Eco investments are the key to our sustainable global future through a new era of green investment opportunities. We are uniquely positioned to present only the very opportunities. Our exclusive industry partnerships and extensive due diligence ensures you enjoy market leading returns only such a high growth sector can deliver in today´s changing economic climate. 

We are an unbiased and independent group of private investors, consisting of affluent individuals, business owners, upper managements, doctors, engineers and other working professionals from various fields, spearheaded and led by Martin Sim, a 7-year full-time active investor and derivatives trader. Banding together, we continuously explore and invest in suitable investment opportunities. We bring to the table a wealth of knowledge, experience and network. If you are interested in investing or understanding how to use investment vehicles to your advantage, at various stages in your life, let us know how we can share these with you.